lundi 23 février 2009

Postcard FI-461460

I like nature, I feel concerned by the ecology! Of course this postcard pleased me!
A very beautiful butterfly "Tortoiseshell" you can find in Finnish Nokkosperhonen.
Thanks Irina!

Postcard RU 33692

A very original postcard from Russia!!
it's the first time I received something from Russia and this postcard is as old as its author Mara!!
As I like paintings, I think this card very pretty!

Postcard DE274714

An amazing building  in Wolfenbüttel, in Germany!! you can appreciate the German architecture! Thanks Sina!

Postcard FI 459982

I received a funny postcard from Finland by Hua! Terveisiä Suomesta which means "Greetings from Finland"! 
I like it!

Postcard NL 132962

What a lazy girl I am!! I'm ashamed!!
I received several beautiful postcards and I didn't take time to expose them on this blog. But I will fix my error!
Here is a kind postcard from the Netherlands : an old school poster about the nature of this country!
I like it, I think it's very peacable!