mercredi 29 avril 2009

Postcard FI-528800

A postard about ravens during winter!Kirsi told me Finland is a country where 40% of the surface area is water. This water is so clean you can swim wherever you want..It makes me dreaming!
Definitely, I have to visit this country. The question is : during the summer or the winter?
What a dilemma!;)

Postcard PL-24640

My first postcard from Poland, from Poznan!
I've never been in Poland, but this postcard makes me think of some monuments in Ljubjana, Slovenia..It's the more Eastern European country I visited!
Another country I would liketo visit..Maybe when I'll live in Germany next year, it's not so far!;)

Postcard US-389785

A friendly postcard from Texas written by Theresa.
I've ever been in Texas more than 8 years now, visiting Houston and the University!
What I liked more was the significance people give to the lore and tradition...In a night party, young people carried their cowboy hats and we danced on some country musics!
Thanks Theresa!
I received the postcard with some damage on the boothole...The French post office doesn't take care to postcards! GRRRRR!

Postcard DE-326706

Another German postcard from Stuttgart written by Silvi!
I've never in Stuttgart but what I like in Germany is the significance of the green parks; I like it!
The stamps are friendly too!

Postcard FI-527328

Finnish people love sending and swapping postcards! I received several postcards from this country and I would like to visit it one day. It makes me thing in some way to Canada, with so many beautiful and big natural locations!
The postcard shows a small village in Finland.

Two other postcards from my bloggers penpals

First postcard from Lyan (or Ilyani)

First postcard from Katie

I wrote we decided to share our first postcrossing swap between the five girls we're in this international blog.
I received a postcard from Katie, Pittsburgh  and another one from Lyan, Malaysia.
The pictures are really nice and help me to travel all around the word! What about the stamps!
I like them! There are so pretty!
Postcrossing is really a good way to collect stamps and postcards.
For the moment, I don't know how to fold all the postcards I received, but I'm thinking of.

The first postcard to CKJ

Yes, I did it! I took a picture of the potcard I sent to my Chinese postcards penpal, CKJ.
It's a picture taken by night in a romantic street in Paris...It makes me think to the Montmartre area, one of my favourite place in Paris : it's like a village in the French big and densed capital!
Enjoy it!;)

mercredi 15 avril 2009

Penpalling with CKJ

The postcrossing forum is very interesting...You can be in touch with people from all over the world.
I began another postcards penpalling with a Chinese girl : CKJ. Here is the first postcard she sent to me : The balad of Mulan. It's the first of a series of 12 postcards. It's very artistic and I love it!
I'll try to choose specific postcards from Paris which CKJ would enjoy!
And this time, I'll show you them!:)

Postcrossing throught the international webblog

 I told you we created a blog a month ago with other four girls from Germany, Malaysia, Russia and the USA in order to share our day-life, our feelings, our culture... and so many more things!
As we're postcrossers, Ilyani had the idea to share postcards from our country or what we want.
I received my first postcard from Aubrieta. It shows us the cathedral, the city hall, the theater in Munich.
I like it!
I will try to take pictures of postcards I'm sending to people all over the world too!

I sent my postcards last week..Aubrieta and Katie received them. I hope the other two are not lost!