mercredi 20 mai 2009

Three other postcards from my blogger penpals

First postcard from Datishoo, Russia

Second postcard from Lyan, Malaysia

Second postcard from Katie, USA

I like postcrossing and my blogger penpals like it at least as I like it!

I received a first postcard from Datishoo, the Russian penpal who lives in Saint Petersburg!
In the front part, you an see the monument of Peter I, the tsar who founded the city in 1703
In the background, the gold spire is Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The second postcard from Lyan, Malaysia :
she went for a couple of days in the Cameron Highlands, a very greeny landscape. it's funny to read on the postcard that the Malaysia's coolest Hill...In n Europe, people are looking for heat place, not cool ones.

The second postcard from Katie, Florida
A view of a shrimp boat, very common in Florida. People can order in some restaurants frash shrimps which were fished by this kind of boats! MIAM! SLURP!

Thanks girls...Have a look to your mail box!

Postcard RU-43452

My second Russian postcard from Moscow! It's shows us the beautiful women monastery called "Novodevichiy"from Alena. Thank you girl!
Last time, I thought of the semiology of 'Monastery"...It comes from Monk and "Moine" in French..So it's very funny to speak of "a women monastery"...We call it "couvent" in French.
But on the postcard it's written "monastery".
I would like to visit Moscow and Saint Petersbourg one day..By waiting this moment, I can have a look on this beautiful postcard!

mercredi 29 avril 2009

Postcard FI-528800

A postard about ravens during winter!Kirsi told me Finland is a country where 40% of the surface area is water. This water is so clean you can swim wherever you want..It makes me dreaming!
Definitely, I have to visit this country. The question is : during the summer or the winter?
What a dilemma!;)

Postcard PL-24640

My first postcard from Poland, from Poznan!
I've never been in Poland, but this postcard makes me think of some monuments in Ljubjana, Slovenia..It's the more Eastern European country I visited!
Another country I would liketo visit..Maybe when I'll live in Germany next year, it's not so far!;)

Postcard US-389785

A friendly postcard from Texas written by Theresa.
I've ever been in Texas more than 8 years now, visiting Houston and the University!
What I liked more was the significance people give to the lore and tradition...In a night party, young people carried their cowboy hats and we danced on some country musics!
Thanks Theresa!
I received the postcard with some damage on the boothole...The French post office doesn't take care to postcards! GRRRRR!

Postcard DE-326706

Another German postcard from Stuttgart written by Silvi!
I've never in Stuttgart but what I like in Germany is the significance of the green parks; I like it!
The stamps are friendly too!

Postcard FI-527328

Finnish people love sending and swapping postcards! I received several postcards from this country and I would like to visit it one day. It makes me thing in some way to Canada, with so many beautiful and big natural locations!
The postcard shows a small village in Finland.

Two other postcards from my bloggers penpals

First postcard from Lyan (or Ilyani)

First postcard from Katie

I wrote we decided to share our first postcrossing swap between the five girls we're in this international blog.
I received a postcard from Katie, Pittsburgh  and another one from Lyan, Malaysia.
The pictures are really nice and help me to travel all around the word! What about the stamps!
I like them! There are so pretty!
Postcrossing is really a good way to collect stamps and postcards.
For the moment, I don't know how to fold all the postcards I received, but I'm thinking of.

The first postcard to CKJ

Yes, I did it! I took a picture of the potcard I sent to my Chinese postcards penpal, CKJ.
It's a picture taken by night in a romantic street in Paris...It makes me think to the Montmartre area, one of my favourite place in Paris : it's like a village in the French big and densed capital!
Enjoy it!;)

mercredi 15 avril 2009

Penpalling with CKJ

The postcrossing forum is very interesting...You can be in touch with people from all over the world.
I began another postcards penpalling with a Chinese girl : CKJ. Here is the first postcard she sent to me : The balad of Mulan. It's the first of a series of 12 postcards. It's very artistic and I love it!
I'll try to choose specific postcards from Paris which CKJ would enjoy!
And this time, I'll show you them!:)

Postcrossing throught the international webblog

 I told you we created a blog a month ago with other four girls from Germany, Malaysia, Russia and the USA in order to share our day-life, our feelings, our culture... and so many more things!
As we're postcrossers, Ilyani had the idea to share postcards from our country or what we want.
I received my first postcard from Aubrieta. It shows us the cathedral, the city hall, the theater in Munich.
I like it!
I will try to take pictures of postcards I'm sending to people all over the world too!

I sent my postcards last week..Aubrieta and Katie received them. I hope the other two are not lost!

mercredi 25 mars 2009

A new way to penpalling

Hi guys!

As you know, I like postcrossing too much, but I also like penpalling. I think it's a great opportunity to improve your language level and to share opinions, ideas and views from all over the world.
For the moment, I have one regulary Canadian penpal Krista. We've been writing letters since last year and we're becoming friends. She lives in the English speaking Canada, between Montreal and Toronto, on the Saint Lawrence river.
As I want to improve my german, I began several penpalling friendships with different German girls : Swaantje from Leipzig, Nina from Hattersheim, Jeanett from Leipzig. I received one letter from all of them and I enjoy them!
I wrote to 2 another girls and I hope to become penpals with them too : Joyce from Gangert-Breberen and Irena from Stolberg.
I also decide to have a penpal in Australia! I wrote the first letter...I'm impatient to hear from my penpals!
I think I will share with you on this blog my relationships across my penpalling!

As I'm very impatient, I have a great idea regarding a new way to establish international friendship : a private common blog between several persons from all over the world!
I wrote an ad post on the postcrossing forum and I was amazed to see so many people be very excited by this idea!
We began a private blog with 5 other girls  from Germany, Malaysia, the United States, 2 from Russia and I from France!
We write letters to the other girls and we share pieces of information about our life, our feelings, recipes etc..
It sounds gorgeous and is faster than a snail mail! But I like letters too!

postcard LT-28961

My first postcard from Lituania! I like the stamp! The postcard is more artistic!;)

Another postcard from yuka : the Corean Sungnyemun

I received one week ago a new postcard from Yuka. It represented the famous temple Corean Sugnyemun. It was burnt some years ago (the roff is made by wood) by an old crazy man!
It's such a pity!
I always like the japanese stamps...There are so kawai!

Postcard DE-298815

Another german postcard from Kamen in the North West part of Germany! I like the view of the old houses!

Postcard DE-298814

Here is a postard from Jolanda, a Dutch girl who works in an animal shelter!!

Postcard ES-40317

I received a week ago a great postcard from Andalousia, Spain! More precisely, from Casares!
In Andalousia there are typical white wall houses!
I like it! I've been in Andalousia two years and three years ago and I have to confess it's a beautiful area!
The town I love the most was Cordoba.

jeudi 19 mars 2009

Postcard FI-493404

Here is a beautiful postcard from Pirjo about the national park in Ruissalo Island. Isn't it beautiful? I would like to visit the North European countries during winter one day!

lundi 23 février 2009

Postcard FI-461460

I like nature, I feel concerned by the ecology! Of course this postcard pleased me!
A very beautiful butterfly "Tortoiseshell" you can find in Finnish Nokkosperhonen.
Thanks Irina!

Postcard RU 33692

A very original postcard from Russia!!
it's the first time I received something from Russia and this postcard is as old as its author Mara!!
As I like paintings, I think this card very pretty!

Postcard DE274714

An amazing building  in Wolfenbüttel, in Germany!! you can appreciate the German architecture! Thanks Sina!

Postcard FI 459982

I received a funny postcard from Finland by Hua! Terveisiä Suomesta which means "Greetings from Finland"! 
I like it!

Postcard NL 132962

What a lazy girl I am!! I'm ashamed!!
I received several beautiful postcards and I didn't take time to expose them on this blog. But I will fix my error!
Here is a kind postcard from the Netherlands : an old school poster about the nature of this country!
I like it, I think it's very peacable!

mercredi 14 janvier 2009

Nengago card and Happy New year 2009!

To wish me a happy new year, yuka sent me a beautiful view of the Kobe's illumination and her family's Nengajo. The Nengajo is a Japanese greeting card ou send to wish a happy new year. It's very traditional in Japan! It's very nice! I like it!