mercredi 20 mai 2009

Three other postcards from my blogger penpals

First postcard from Datishoo, Russia

Second postcard from Lyan, Malaysia

Second postcard from Katie, USA

I like postcrossing and my blogger penpals like it at least as I like it!

I received a first postcard from Datishoo, the Russian penpal who lives in Saint Petersburg!
In the front part, you an see the monument of Peter I, the tsar who founded the city in 1703
In the background, the gold spire is Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The second postcard from Lyan, Malaysia :
she went for a couple of days in the Cameron Highlands, a very greeny landscape. it's funny to read on the postcard that the Malaysia's coolest Hill...In n Europe, people are looking for heat place, not cool ones.

The second postcard from Katie, Florida
A view of a shrimp boat, very common in Florida. People can order in some restaurants frash shrimps which were fished by this kind of boats! MIAM! SLURP!

Thanks girls...Have a look to your mail box!

7 commentaires:

  1. trop belle collection! ;)

    Lovely blog!

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